I’m New Here

This congregation is called to be a fountain of life for all who gather.

St. John’s is not a club, an exclusive organization of especially righteous people who claim to have all the answers, or a cultural preservation society.

We are a faith community of Jesus’ disciples, and we try to be as welcoming to all as Jesus was.

When Jesus formed his group of disciples, he did not subject them to a rigorous training or indoctrination program. He simply called them. In following that call, they learned and grew. Their lives were changed and they became active in the community of faith.

We try to follow Jesus’ example. We invite you to come to this fountain of life, to participate in our services, our encounters with God. If and when you feel called to join this community of faith, we are thrilled.

We do not require a long and involved course of study in order to join this congregation. If God is calling you here, we expect that you will take that call seriously and respond by learning, and growing in faith and in your experience of God’s love, as the disciples did.

Your experience of God’s love in this fountain of life here will overflow into a river of compassion that will actually make a difference in the world.

Interested in being a part of this faith community? Please contact Genny Gorton.