Join us at St. John's Wednesday evenings during the school year for FEAST, a meal and fellowship at 5:15 -6:00 pm. Wednesday worship follow FEAST at 6:00 pm.

September menu:

      Sept. 13- Hotdogs, chips, fruit, cookies.

      Sept. 20- turkey, ham and cheese sub sandwiches, Chips, pickles, fruit and cookies.

      Sept. 27- Pizza, fruit, and cookies.

**menu subject to change.

Summer Stretch
  • Youth Outreach ActivityYouth Outreach Activity
  • Mission GroupMission Group
  • Summer StretchSummer Stretch



Life is full of important moments, moments that show stepping stone events both in life and faith. At St. John’s, we like to bless those moments, so that these events equip our faith and help us to better understand the God who loves us. Some of the milestones we celebrate are sacramental. Others add meaning to our relationship with others and with God. A milestone may include:

  • Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism)

  • Blessing of the New School Year 

  • Driver’s License Blessing

  • Graduation (Senior Year)

Mission Trips

As folowers of Jesus Christ, we are commanded to love the neighbor as ourselves. In Matthew 25, Jesus gives us a clear example of what this looks like. If we feed, clothe, and visit those most vulnerable in our midst, we feed, clothe, and visit Christ. For this reason, the ministry of high school youth at St. John’s includes service, both within the community and the world at large. Each summer, high school youth have the opportunity to serve the neighbor on a mission trip. Throughout the school year, they also may have a variety of serving opportunities, thereby helping them to connect the neighbor to their own relationship with God and with the world.


St. John’s confirmation program includes 5th through 9th grade students. Each grade has a specific area of focus: Fifth grade – Introduction to the bible and service; Sixth grade – The bible; Seventh grade - Faith Concepts; Eighth grade – Small Catechism:
The 10 Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer, The Creed and Worship; Ninth grade - Living Christian in the 21st Century. The confirmation program also has a strong emphasis on service and discipleship.

Sermon Notes

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Sunday School

3 year old through fourth grade meet during the school year to delve deeper into the bible, work on service projects and to learn more about living out their faith in their daily live.


Christian Youth in Action (CIA)

This youth service Group gathers during the school year to learn more about their faith and how they can serve their local community.  Youth in 5th grade and up participate in the weekly activities.  Some of the organizaions they youth have worked with are: Sojourner House, Boys and Girls Club, Hope Gospel Mission, Salvation Army and Luther Bible Camp. 

Vacation Bible School

St. John's welcomes children to Vacation Bible School for one week each summer.  The children learn Bible stories through art, games, skits, songs and outdoor activities.   

Summer Stretch (June – August)

Summer Stretch is a gospel-centered service program that is designed to give Middle School students a safe, healthy place to belong where they can contribute to the community while connecting with their peers. The group meets 5 Wednesdays during the summer to serve at a variety of locations within the community. At the end of summer, the group takes a trip to Valleyfair to celebrate with other students who have participated in the Summer Stretch program. If you are interested in learning more about Summer Stretch, click on the link.

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