Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


There is nothing we do as a church that is more joyful than the sacrament of baptism!

Baptism is not a magic rite; it is not “fire insurance.” Baptism is the public recognition that this person is God’s adopted child, and is an initiation into the community of the faithful. It carries with it the promise of new life lived in Christ and release from the bondage of sin.

We believe baptism to be a gift from God. It is not something we earn or become ready for. We do ask that those desiring the sacrament of baptism meet with a pastor to consider what baptism is, the promises that parents and sponsors make in this sacrament, and become familiar with the service of baptism in this church.

Because baptism is an initiation into the community of believers, baptisms at St. John’s are normally done at worship services, where the newly baptized can be welcomed into the congregation.

If you have questions about baptism at St. John’s, please contact Pastor Christine Emerson.


We believe that there is no better way to start a marriage than in a worship ceremony where your union will be blessed by the source of the love that you declare to one another. Anyone who desires that God be actively present in the marriage ceremony and in their life together and who is comfortable with a service that respects basic ELCA teachings may be married at St. John’s.

For detailed information on weddings at St. John’s, including policies, fees, and help in planning, please download our wedding book and/or wedding fees.

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A major part of our mission at St. John’s is being a river of compassion for the world. There are fewer events in life that call out for this compassion more than a time of bereavement. For that reason, the pastors at St. John’s will perform a funeral or memorial service for anyone who needs it, regardless of church membership.

At the same time, we find our source of compassion and our instructions to love our neighbor from the Gospel. We believe in the promises of hope found in the Bible. Therefore, while we are sensitive to the life situations of those to whom we minister, we will proclaim Jesus’ message of hope in any funeral or memorial service at which we officiate.

Death is a sacred time, and yet we try very hard in our society to avoid thinking or talking about it. Unfortunately, this means that many people do not think about, much less plan a funeral service. We have found that this can make the process difficult for loved ones.

We urge everyone to spend a little time looking over and filling out our funeral planning guide to ensure a more meaningful experience that is respectful of the deceased, and provides peace of mind for loved ones.